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Good Morning, Good Afternoon & Good Evening.

September 2013

I’m PSD and recently changed my diet. Following digestive issues and hospital tests, I undertook a Food Allergy Test. I didn’t really think about the possible results or consequences but during this two-and-half hour assessment, where over 70 food products were tested, it became apparent that I would have to change my whole outlook on food. The testing was a little “new-age” with a specimen of the food type placed in my waistband whilst I laid on the couch. Based upon my ability to pull my arm away from my side, indicated foods which my body does not tolerate or foods which weaken by body. Having experienced this myself, whilst I do not fully understand the science I did see how weak my arm muscles were with some food samples. Therefore, for the sake of my health, I will pursue this change.

My list of foods to avoid include:

  • Gluten Products: Wheat, Rye, Barley & Oats.
  • Diary Products: Cows Milk, Cheese and Eggs.
  • Fish Products: Prawns & Plaice.
  • Vegetables: Onions and (Skinned:) Potatoes, Tomatoes, Aubergines & Peppers.
  • Fruits: (Skins) Blackcurrants, Apples & Pears.
  • And Odd Products: Chocolate, MSG (E621), Lentils Rape-Seed Oil.

This is my journey which I hope will become a useful resource for other people who are Gluten Free and are sensitive to their food. It is intended to include recipes which I have cooked at home, as well as commentary on my eating experiences out in the world.

November 2013

I have completed a second food allergy test and found some of the original items have been eliminated from my list of banned foods. This is exciting as I am able to add back some options and choices:
My list of foods to avoid is limited to:

  • Gluten Products: Wheat, Rye, Barley & Oats.
  • Diary Products: Cows Milk, Cheese and Eggs.
  • Vegetables: Skins of Potatoes, Tomatoes, Aubergines & Peppers.
  • Fruits: Skins of Apples & Pears.
  • And Odd Products: MSG (E621).

November 2014

Further to Hospital assessments including blood tests to specifically test for a Gluten Allergy and a Hydrogen breath test covering lactose tolerance and another blood test: officially I am suffering with Coeliac Disease. I am lucky as it is mild and on-the-edge, so I shouldn’t worry, said the Consultant but easier said than done.

So continuing with the updates, Gluten Free product reviews, Gluten Free restaurant reviews and Gluten Free travel.

January 2016

Interestingly, I have received some feedback on my blog’s name: so to explain my initials are PSD hence the title: GLUTEN FREE PSD: I have no association with any photographic or file-management programme which may share my initials as well.

And unlike many Blogs which have been established to earn revenue /money for the owners (who shall remain nameless) I set this up and update it as a resource for Coeliacs. Primarily because when I was diagnosed, I really struggled to understand what I could eat and what I couldn’t, therefore, I feel I am doing the community a service in providing updates on GLUTEN FREE Products, GLUTEN FREE Restaurants, GLUTEN FREE Travels and occasional GLUTEN FREE Recipes.

I do love my GLUTEN FREE Chocolate: Whether in Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Bags or Chocolate Boxes so enjoy my latest listings!

Some Bloggers like to encourage you to re-visit their sites (and click-through to adverts which they are receiving commission from) and sign-up with Competitions but it is a shame that often, they never publish the “winners” and of course, you then will receive their posts and further adverts. I can assure followers that I will never sell your email address nor bother you with fake competitions. This was set-up to help Coeliacs (and it is my way of giving back, a bit like supporting Coeliac UK and their “Is It Coeliac Disease Campaign?” )

So if you can, please provide feedback,

And share if you like my contents…

33 comments on “About PSD

  1. Sarah
    September 21, 2013

    Really fascinating, fun and helpful blog giving a great insight into living with food allergies. Wishing you the best of luck with your recipes, restaurant meals and food discoveries.


  2. maizymilo
    April 14, 2014

    I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. See my latest post for details.


  3. natasha
    January 28, 2015

    Hello, would love to chat re Rude Health GF foods and drinks. My email is Hope to hear from you!


  4. Jean Hunter
    December 9, 2015

    Glad you got the coeliac disease early. My husband was misdiagnosed until in his 60s and because of that had developed severe anemia and osteoporosis that they had to treat. Once gluten-free, no new damage and some other things resolved themselves. Working on the bone loss. Bonus was testing our kids – they both had it:( The gluten-free diet is a pain, especially in London. Scotland was great, as is Italy. California can be amazing. At least he has no other food sensitivities. Gluten is bad enough – I am sympathetic for your having to deal with multiple dietary restrictions. For what it’s worth, often those with coeliac disease have lactose intolerance which goes away when the coeliac disease is dealt with and the intestine recovers.


  5. Ralph Beardmore
    February 23, 2016

    Great site which I will be spending a lot of time reading, but what the heck is PSD? I googled it but it says its the file format used by photoshop.


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