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An Introduction to GlutenFree PSD

Good Morning, Good Afternoon & Good Evening.

I’m PSD and recently changed my diet. Following digestive issues and hospital tests, I undertook a Food Allergy Test. I didn’t really think about the possible results or consequences but during this two-and-half hour assessment, where over 70 food products were tested, it became apparent that I would have to change my whole outlook on food. The testing was a little “new-age” with a specimen of the food type placed in my waistband whilst I laid on the couch. Based upon my ability to pull my arm away from my side, indicated foods which my body does not tolerate or foods which weaken by body. Having experienced this myself, whilst I do not fully understand the science I did see how weak my arm muscles were with some food samples. Therefore, for the sake of my health, I will pursue this change.

My list of foods to avoid include:
Gluten Products: Wheat, Rye, Barley & Oats.
Diary Products: Cows Milk, Cheese and Eggs.
Fish Products: Prawns & Plaice.
Vegetables: Onions and (Skinned:) Potatoes, Tomatoes, Aubergines & Peppers.
Fruits: (Skins) Blackcurrants, Apples & Pears.
And Odd Products: Chocolate, MSG (E621), Lentils Rape-Seed Oil.

This is my journey which I hope will become a useful resource for other people who are Gluten Free and are sensitive to their food. It is intended to include recipes which I have cooked at home, as well as commentary on my eating experiences out in the world.


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