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Recipe: Chicken, Mushroom & Leek (Gluten Free) Pie

Chicken & Leek Pie (Gluten Free Pastry!)

Pastry: 175g gluten-free flour, Dried herbs, pinch of salt, 90g of sunflower margarine & couple dashes of water.

Filling: Sauce: 400ml Soya Milk (or regular milk), 45ml gluten free Cornflour & fresh tarragon.

Filling: Cooked chicken (2 breasts), 3 leeks, 6 mushrooms, salt & pepper and more tarragon.

1) Make Pastry: Mix flour, dried herbs and salt in bowl and rub margarine to create breadcrumbs. Add a little water to make smooth firm dough. Place in plastic bag and fridge for at 30 minutes. Once chilled, roll in-between Clingfilm and flatten to a larger size than the pie dish.

2) Make sauce: Blend cornflower with 5 tbsp. of milk. Heat remaining milk in pan until it is just about to boil, pour onto cornflour mix and return to pan. Stir continuously to avoid lumps! Add tarragon to flavour.

3) Prepare Leeks & Mushrooms: Using margarine, place in small pan for 10 minutes, until leeks are soft and mushrooms have colour.

4) Make Filling: Add to the sauce, the chicken, leeks and mushrooms. And season with salt & pepper. Transfer to pie dish.

5) Take pastry out of fridge and lay over pie. Trim, decorate with trimmings and make a small slit in the middle of the pie (for steam to escape).

6) Cook in over at 190 Degrees Centigrade or 375 Degrees Fahrenheit for 40 minutes.

A tasty pie although it tasted more like a savoury biscuit top rather than traditional pastry.

Alternative recipes include using cold mashed potatoes or crushed apple or crushed bananas in the pastry mix. I think this is to soften the texture of the pastry.


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