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Recipe: Gluten Free Rice Flour & Potato Pastry (Beef, leeks, Thyme & Mushroom Pie)

Homemade Potato Shortcrust Pastry: Beef Thyme leeks and Mushroom Pie


Pastry: (Makes half LB)

150g Gluten Free Rice Flour

half tps salt

175g Cooled Cooked Mashed Potato

100g Butter

1) Beat flour and salt into the mashed potato and make into crumb like mix. Add butter (in small pieces with knife) beating into the mix.

2) Wrap in Clingfilm and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

3) Knead dough lightly with heel of hand, (like Paul Hollywood does!) so it becomes smooth like putty

4) Restore in fridge for another 30 minutes before splitting out the mix into one third and two thirds. The larger piece is rolled out to make the base and the smaller piece for the pie topping. These both need rolling out into thin flat sheet to cover pie dish. (I found sandwiching in Clingfilm means less mess and washing up! A rolling pin can be used to make it thin and storing the flat sheet in the fridge for another 15 minutes helped keep it’s structure).

5) Butter the dish and lay out the pastry sheet for the base, using a knife to trim the edges. This is backed as a pastry shell until golden brown  for around 20 minutes 220 degrees Centigrade.

6) Add filling and top with the other cooled pastry sheet. Add two steam holes in the middle of the pastry and crumple the edges so it seals in the filling. Wash or brush lightly the pastry top with soya milk.

7) Bake pie for thirty minutes until it is golden brown and serve immediately: Enjoy! Using rice flour makes the pastry thin, almost like a filo pastry!


Filling: Browned the beef before lightly cooking with the leeks. Add fresh Thyme and mushrooms and Gluten Free beef stock to the pan and simmered for 60 minutes before cornflower was added to thicken the sauce.

It was great to have a proper pie and one that had a smooth crunchy pastry.


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