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SHOCK! HORROR! Hidden sources of GLUTEN!

Shock Horror! Gluten is Everywhere!

Largely completed a successful first six-weeks sticking to eliminate my “avoid” foods list which includes all Gluten products.
Bread, cakes, biscuits and pasta are the usual suspects but interestingly other foods contained Gluten, Hidden Gluten:
Soy Sauce: Made from a fermented paste of boiled soya beans, roasted grain and brine & moulds so contains around 40%-60% wheat. But there are GF soy sauces: Tamari. Soy is often the basis for other Chinese sauces: Hoisin, Plum and Black Bean so
Worcestershire Sauce: Made from malt vinegar from barley. Some Lea & Perins sauces use distilled white vinegar.
Pickled Products /Pickles: The fruits and produce like gherkins, onions etc are soaked in malt vinegar.
Stock cubes, Salad dressings: thickener made of flour or modified starch derived from wheat

Liquorice /Strawberry laces
: Wheat is used as a binding agent giving them their stretchy elastic property. But GF liquorice is available to buy.
Bubble-gum /Chewing Gum/ Hard bagged sweets: Dusted with wheat coating to prevent sticking together.
Ice Cream: wheat flour is used to prevent ice forming.

Grated Cheese:
Sometimes wheat is used as an anti-caking agent, to stop the cheese from sticking in the bags.
Sausages/ Hot Dogs /Burgers /Meat Balls: contain wheat flour as binding agent.
Oven Chips: coated with flour batter or breadcrumbs to encourage crispness.
Dry Roasted Peanuts: added flavouring may contain wheat. Often states may contain wheat in factory.
Rice Crispies /Other Cereals: Coated with barley malt flavouring and used in caramel colouring of rice and corn.
Crisps (Chips in American English): Salt & Vinegar flavouring made from malt vinegar from Barley. BBQ flavouring contains smoke flavour/and or wheat. Cheese & Onion flavouring can contain Monosodium Glutamate (flavour enhancer). Often made in factory contain wheat, gluten, etc. Pom Bear crisps are GF.
Cheese: Traditionally, the milk used to make blue cheese has been and still is inoculated with mould spores, grown on bread and cultures that contain gluten.

Non-Food sources of Gluten.None of the following products are likely to be eaten but they may be in the air, or on your skin and maybe by not washing before touching food, your eyes, hands, nose or mouth, thereby causing cross-contamination.
Envelopes: Some gum which you lick has wheat in them! You can now buy self adhesive envelopes!
Sunscreen: Some are chemically derived from wheat. Some contain vitamin E which is derived from wheat. There is a risk a small amount will enter through the mouth and eyes.
Pet food: Some contain wheat in the sauces or dry food coatings.
Play-Doh: made from wheat, water and colouring. Has a lovely smell!
Lipsticks: Some contain wheat or barley flour in the mix.
Rubber Gloves: Powdery flakes inside the plastic gloves are made from oat or wheat flour.
Catholic Church Hosts: By Vatican Law the communion Hosts have to contain gluten. (I find that the amount of Gluten in this must be minuscule as I take Mass on a weekly basis and manage to survive with this amount of Gluten).

Welcome your comments and additions to this extensive listing of Products that surprisingly contain GLUTEN!


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