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Restaurant Review: Eating at the BA Terminal 7 JFK Airline Lounge (December 2013)

Lounge Offering

The BA Lounge in Terminal 7, JFK Airport has a wider selection of snacks and eating options. Unfortunately, there is no labelling (like in T5 LHR Lounge) but a sign which invites you to speak with the staff. The first member of staff didn’t know anything about allergies but her manager was able to offer the fresh fruit and vegetable crudités as a healthy Gluten Free snack. He also found the “Kettlecorn” popcorn was Gluten Free.

Sleeper Service Gluten Free Dinner BA Lounge

Some of the flights are designated “Sleeper Services” which encourage dinner to be eaten in the lounge before boarding, to maximise sleep onboard the plane. JFK offers this service and the staff were quick to consult the chef and then advise what foods were Gluten Free. The salad plate included fresh squash, cucumber, green beans and leaves covered in balsamic dressing. Unfortunately, the main dinner option for me was again poached fish. The broth used was flavoured with ginger and ba choi and was served with jasmine rice. I also had some mushrooms marinated in sherry. The dessert options that were Gluten Free was fresh fruit. The mini cupcakes looked delicious and a selection of cheese and biscuits was also on offer.  Good meal was enjoyed but more selection and definitely more information would be nice.



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