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Restaurant Review: Eating on British Airways Traveller Plus LHR- JFK (December 2013)

downloaded 18 dec 13 076Special Gluten Free Bread  Gluten Free Main Course Gluten Free PM Tea

Flying British Airways, I had pre-selected my Gluten Free Meal. Quite exciting to receive the tray knowing that I don’t get any choice of the meal. Proved really useful that everything was labelled as I then knew what it was and also most of the products included ingredients listings. (Useful when you have food allergies as I like to know what I am eating).

The poached fish was rather plain and dull. It had a few thin bones and the accompanying vegetables (two potatoes and small portion of spinach) were too small. The sauce tasted of nothing. The bean salad was crunchy, tasty and filling. The fruit salad was still wet and sweet. The bread tasted like proper bread without the grainy texture often associated with Gluten Free bread.

For the afternoon tea meal service, British Airways had not loaded on my Gluten Free option so the cabin crew raided the Club World fridge and offered me a yogurt, apples with fruit coli and cheeses. My fellow passengers enjoyed a chicken or egg sandwich.


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