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Be my GLUTEN FREE Chocolate Valentine…

All you need is love” and of course some chocolate so with less than a week before the annual celebration of “Lurve” I share my research as if you’ve a wheat allergy or intolerance, why should you miss out?! Cacao beans are Gluten Free in its natural form but unfortunately adding cocoa butter, milk, sugar and other ingredients: Chocolate may be contaminated with Gluten. In the Chocolate Factories there is a strong risk of contamination from other production lines as well as from shared machinery. But if it contains less than 20 parts per million, it can be labelled as GLUTEN FREE in the UK. (Australian laws are much stricter than the UK but we are in line with the USA).
Choc shelves full
The shelves look lovely but you need to be careful with the chocolates.

Prestat heart

A lot of the products are attractively wrapped and do not include any specific gluten containing ingredients but are made in factories which may be exposed to cross contamination, hence they label this on their products. This risk, however small may be serious to those with sensitive reactions. This very attractive heart-shaped Prestat Chocolates warns: “may also contain traces of egg [and] wheat” Such a shame that this cannot be enjoyed this year. And the Cadburys Heart boxes both warn “may contain other nuts, egg, wheat“. Interestingly, Terry’s Chocolate Orange “may contains nuts, wheat” which is probably from shared production facilities to make all the varieties including one with cereal. I have found I can enjoy an occasional segment of MY Chocolate Orange.
Choc Orange

But in the shops, there are some Chocolate Boxes which are suitable, just make sure you read the labels:
Thorntons Premium Collection
Cadburys Heroes
Quality Street, After Eights, Matchmakers (Mint, Orange and Honeycomb).
Lindt Lindor: Strawberry and Cream

From the Lindt website the company confirm that gluten and barley malt are in some of their Chocolates. They state: “Gluten can be found in several premium chocolate products that Lindt &Sprüngli produces; either as a cereal ingredient or as a barley component. Additionally, there are some specific premium chocolate products that are manufactured without cereal or barley malt; however, and even though Lindt & Sprüngli incorporates the most stringent cleaning process of all of our manufacturing lines, trace amounts of these gluten ingredients and components may have the opportunity to come in contact with non gluten products, and therefore we cannot make the statement that any of our premium chocolate products are purely “gluten free.”

Unfortunately, we need to avoid Godiva if you have a gluten allergy, according to many blogger comments.
But online there are great options:
Online Choc

A selection of their chocolates are GLUTEN FREE: Sea Salt Caramel batons, White heart Marc de Champagne truffles, Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate truffles, Kings Ginger truffles, Milk chocolate truffles, Dark Marc de Champagne truffles, Red heart Marc de Champagne truffles, Dark chocolate with gold truffles, Cappuccino chocolate truffles, Strawberry truffles, Bucks fizz chocolate truffles, Pink Marc de Champagne truffles so check the labels.

Their Valentines 16 & 25 Truffle Collection is GLUTEN FREE. The selection includes the chocolate Love Heart, A Little Chocolate Love bar, Peeling Amorous bar and the Extra Grand truffle Collection.

Booja Booja:
All their chocolates are dairy free, organic, gluten free and soya free so they offer lots of choice for Valentines. Including the Artist’s Collections: Champagne truffles, Hazelnut truffles and Espresso truffles.

Jelly hearts
Or alternatively, there non-chocolate products such as jelly hearts (made by Thorntons Chocolatiers!) or Love Hearts which even come with One Direction branding; if that excites you!
Lovehearts OneDirection

Read the label and check!


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