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Loving GLUTEN FREE Chocolate Bars…


Can I have any chocolate bars if you’ve a Gluten Intolerance or Gluten Allergy? Of course you can, it’s just knowing which ones have no GLUTEN ingredients in their mix and which state they “may contain wheat”


Cadburys gluten free choc

Strangely Caburys talk about Gluten Absent products rather than GLUTEN FREE! The following bars that are GLUTEN FREE: Wispa, Wispa Gold, Twirl, Crunchie, Flake, Fudge, Curly Wurly, Chomp, Turkish Delight.

The following Bags are GLUTEN FREE: Pebbles, Bitsa Wispa, Twirl Bites, Choc full of peanuts, Choc full of rasins, Carmel Nibbles, Giant buttons, Buttons, White Chocolate Buttons, Tasters and Eclairs.

If you look online, they have a menu board which if you select the “gluten Absent”, it shows you their current range:



nestle Gluten Avoidance 2 Nestle Gluten Avoidance 1

On their website they give a good explanation to their Gluten Avoidance listing. This was updated in January 2014 and they highlight which products have recently changed to no longer “contain wheat, barley, oats, rye or any added gluten”.

The following bars are GLUTEN FREE:, Aero Orange, Animal, Milkybar, Rolo (100g bar), Wonka Millionaires Shortbread and Wonka Nice Cream.

The following Bags are GLUTEN FREE:  Aero Milk Choc bubbles, Aero Peppermint bubbles, Aero Orange bubbles, Aero Minis and Toffee Crisp Popcorn.

The following boxes are GLUTEN FREE: Quality Streets, After Eights, Matchmakers (Mint, Orange & Honeycomb)

Nestle link:


Mars provide good information on their website by individual brand and by product which shows the nutrition, GDAs, Allergens, Dietary Suitability and Ingredients. It is not as straight-forwards in selecting GF options but with some effort you can understand which ones are for you. For example, I learnt Twix Bars contain Gluten (Wheat) and may contain Barley and Oats as well whereas Snicker Bars contain no Gluten but I can’t eat them because they also include peanuts (expected), soya beans, Egg (not expected!), Milk and Lactose!

The following Bars are GLUTEN FREE: Bounty (Dark and Regular Bars, all multipacks), Galaxy Bubbles Bar, Galaxy Regular Bars, Galaxy Caramel Egg (38g), Galaxy Ripple Bars, Galaxy Minstrels. M&Ms Choco, M&Ms Peanut and Snickers. 

Mars have a lot of bars which we cannot eat which means some Big Brands we have to avoid: Milky Way, Revels, Topic, Tracker and Mars until we get GLUTEN FREE variations!

Mars allergy information.


Interestingly, Green and Blacks used to be labelled as “Dairy Free” but they have changed their labelling and ingredients to state “may contain nuts and milk”. This is due to shared production facilities where Milk Chocolate bars are made on the same line as Dark Chocolate bars (which do not usually include Milk).
On their website, they state “Some of our products are suitable for people who have to avoid gluten in their diet. Please visit our nutrition page summarising what the “contains symbols” for each product and those which do not. Although some of our products do not use cereal ingredients, they are produced in a factory that does handle them and therefore there are risks of cross contact“.

The following Dark Chocolate Bars are GLUTEN FREE: Dark Chocolate 85%, Dark Chocolate 70%, Royal Mint, Espresso, Ginger, Hazzelnut & Currant, Spiced Chilli, Maya Gold & Burnt Toffee. From the website the Dark Chocolate Bars do not contain milk as an ingredient with the exception of the Burnt Toffee which states “Butter from Milk“.

And for those who share my Lactose Intolerance, you can buy DAIRY FREE and GLUTEN FREE Chocolate:


As the name suggests, these chocolates are dairy free, gluten free, organic and for vegans. They have replaced the Cows milk element with Rice Milk to create a complete range covering Advent Calendars as well as Easter Eggs. Their confectionery products are widely available (I have seen them in Waitrose as well as the Health Food shops). And all their products are GLUTEN FREE and DAIRY FREE!

Read the label and check!


17 comments on “Loving GLUTEN FREE Chocolate Bars…

  1. lizard100
    May 3, 2014

    Really useful post. Thanks for doing all that research.


    • glutenfreepsd
      May 4, 2014

      Thanks for your comment. I think it’s part of being in a community and definitely part of me learning about food and culinary options!


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  5. James
    May 30, 2014

    Thanks for the links. The labelling changes you noted are most likely due to new EU regulations. The label “gluten free” can now only be used if the manufacturer actively monitors the gluten content and can guarantee it is at a safe level (20 ppm or less).

    More here:


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  15. bruce darren acosta
    June 20, 2016

    They should make gluten free Mars Bars, Snickers, Cadbury chocolate products should be gluten free.They should make gluten free chocolates more in the future for people who do have celiac disease


    • glutenfreepsd
      June 21, 2016

      There are some ranges of Chocolates which are specifically made for those following a GLUTEN FREE diet (including Coeliacs) by Supermarkets (such as M&S Made without Wheat as well as Tescos and Sainsburys in the UK) and many brands do have selective Chocolate Bars /Boxes which are GLUTEN FREE but given it is used for (a) releasing products out of moulds as well as (b) ingredients in additional flavourings such as biscuits, wafers and toppings, I’m not sure they will change all their recipes.

      I think we should be thankful that they share this information and bloggers are able to wider publicize what is GLUTEN FREE and what isn’t!

      Always read the labels!


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