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Recipe: Gluten Free Braeburn Apple Crumble (Homemade with Dove Farm Flour)

Apple Crumble


300g plain flour (I used Doves Plain White Flour) /A pinch of salt /150g of sugar /200g unsalted butter / 5 apples /50g sugar


1) Make Crumble: Cube out the butter and add to the sieved flour, a pinch of salt and sugar using your hands. This will resemble a breadcrumb like mixture with uneven pieces. It’s meant to be rough

2) Make the filling by peeling the apples and removing the cores, mix with the sugar (50g) and  place in ovenproof dish. Add the crumble on top and cook in the oven for 45 minutes (180 degrees Centigrade / 350 degree Fahrenheit).

3) Serve with ice cream, custard or just enjoy eating your GLUTEN FREE dessert!

In the Oven

The Doves Farm flour was purchased in Waitrose and is widely available in the UK.



2 comments on “Recipe: Gluten Free Braeburn Apple Crumble (Homemade with Dove Farm Flour)

  1. Jackie Boseley
    February 25, 2014

    This could be made crunchier by using Demerara sugar and adding flaked almonds, or any chopped nuts, or even some seeds !


    • glutenfreepsd
      February 25, 2014

      In my next featured recipe I have used Demerara Sugar in the crumble mix (with a lush Plum and Strawberry filling) and it really added colour to the crumble as well as crunchiness! Thanks for the tip.


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