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Recipe: Gluten Free Toad -in- the- Hole (Homemade attempt 2 with Foodamentalist Yorkshire Pudding Mix)

Toad in the Hole ver 2

Method:  Place the sausages and oil in the oven for 15 minutes at 200 degree centigrade, shaking the tin occasionally so they brown. Using the Yorkshire Pudding Mix, adding (soya) milk and egg Replacement to make up the batter. Letting it rest for 15 minutes before pouring into hot roasting tin with the sausages.  Cook for at least 40 minutes until the pudding has either darkened (or risen as it should).

Results: My first attempt at this dish appears earlier on the blog (January 2014) and I found the pudding hadn’t risen much. On my second attempt, I left the batter for at least 20 minutes to give it a better chance of thickening. And I beat the egg replacement so it had lots of air in it before adding it to the mix but as you can see, it still turned out like a pancake rather than rising and expanding like a Yorkshire Pudding.

ToadintheHole ver2

Anyone for a “Yorkshire” Sausage Pancake!

Toad instructions


4 comments on “Recipe: Gluten Free Toad -in- the- Hole (Homemade attempt 2 with Foodamentalist Yorkshire Pudding Mix)

  1. The Foodamentalists
    March 2, 2014

    Our Yorkshire pudding mix isn’t suitable to be used with an egg replacer it should be made up the way it states on the packet.


    • glutenfreepsd
      March 6, 2014

      Such a shame as I can not tolerate real eggs so have no alternative. I will have to see how the doughnuts turn out!?


      • The Foodamentalists
        March 6, 2014

        The doughnuts can be made without the egg, just add a little extra yoghurt to compensate for the egg.


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