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Product Review: Gluten Free Cherry Pie (By Mandy’s)

Mandys Cherry Pie

Found online:

Delivered in sealed polystyrene box frozen by courier. Requires time for defrosting as can not be cooked from frozen.

A good shortcrust pastry pie with a lot of sweet cherries inside. The wet jam had leaked out of the top during cooking but this just added to the flavour and sweetness of the pastry. It was a good crust which had no soggy bottom and of course, kept its shape.

Serving Suggestion: With Swedish Glace Smooth Vanilla ice-cream.  This is a really smooth ice cream which is of course GLUTEN FREE as well as DAIRY FREE. It does not set hard in the freezer (like regular ice-cream) and has a soft velvety favour of real vanilla. It went really well with the Cherry Pie.

Cherry Pie by mandy


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