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Restaurant Review: GBK (Gluten Free) lunch @ Brunswich Center, London.

GBK Review

At GBK Gourmet Burger Kitchen (in the Brunswich Shopping Center, London you will find the counter /bar area next to a good sized dining room. The tables are well placed with some soft seating around the edge of the room. They provide you with a menu and upon request, they provide a separate GLUTEN FREE menu card. You are then directed to a table and reminded to order your meal at the counter.

GBK Menu

A quick comparison of the regular menu and the GLUTEN FREE menu highlights the dishes which I can not eat and/ or not suitable because of my allergy. It is good that the menu is presented as a mirror image of the original as this makes me feel like a “regular” diner even though some areas of the menu seem less attractive. I noted that skinny fries were missing from the GF menu. When we ordered at the counter we were advised that these were cooked in the same fryer as the Onion Rings and therefore were unsuitable. (Such a shame!)

I opted for the “Cheese and Bacon Burger” on a Gluten free bun. This was delicious: the bread was soft and held together with a soft crust. The cheese had a good flavour and the thick cut bacon was meaty and salty with crisp fatty edges. The pickle sauce was removed as was most of the salad (tomato and salad leaf). Although this seems an extravagant lunch, without any accompanying sides (no fries, no salad and no veggies), it was a good GLUTEN FREE Burger!

GBK Bacon & Cheese burger


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