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Product Review: Gluten Free Apple Cinnamon Toaster Pastries (By Udis)

apple cinnamon pastries

Made by Usid with information online:

This was part of food hamper from Udis.

These are packed well in a cardboard box and individually wrapped in plastic in 5s.  Quick and easy to use:  they go in the toaster after unwrapping and pop up ready; heated. Hardly a difficult cooking experience!

The “pastry” is biscuit like and there is a sweetness from the apple cinnamon filling. Strange the filling is red: (just like the Strawberry pastries as I expected them to be green like apples?!) The cinnamon flavour is there but is quite light and more a hint of, which might suit younger eaters and those desiring a “pop-tart” taste. A little too sweet for my taste but would suit a younger GLUTEN FREE eater.


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