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Recipe: Gluten Free Strawberry & Plum Crumble (Homemade with Dove Farm Flour)

Strawberry & Plum Crumble


300g plain flour (I used Doves Plain White Flour) /A pinch of salt /150g of Demerara sugar /200g unsalted butter / 1 punnet of Plums/2 punnets of Strawberries


  1. Make Crumble: Cube out the butter and add to the sieved flour and a pinch of salt (pictured). Add the Demerara sugar and using your hands mix together until it resemble a breadcrumb like mixture with uneven pieces.
  2. Make the filling by washing the fruit, de-pip the plums and quarter, and trim the strawberries. Mix with a little sugar into ovenproof dish and add the crumble on top. Cook in the oven for 45 minutes (180 degrees Centigrade / 350 degree Fahrenheit).
  3. Serve with ice cream, custard or just enjoy eating your GLUTEN FREE dessert!

Strawberry and Plums

The Demerara sugar provides a goldenness to the crumble and added crunch. The softness and sweetness of the fruit really complimented the simple crumble and the beautiful natural redness from the fruit juices added to the crumble dish.

The Doves Farm flour was purchased in Waitrose and is widely available in the UK.


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