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Restaurant Review: The Wolseley (Gluten Free) Meal @Piccadilly, London.

Wolseley Overall

In a beautiful building along Piccadilly, is now a splendid eating space, opulent and grand because of it’s rich history: ” The grand, atmospheric interior with its towering pillars, arches and stairways was testament to the great ambitions of The Wolseley Car Company. The cars were displayed on the marble floor and cost between £225 – £1,300. Unfortunately, the cars did not sell well enough and by 1926 the Company was bankrupt.” A doorman takes you to the front desk where smart staff show us to our table. We had made a reservation as it was a special occasion and we know this venue can be very busy and “exclusive”. The tall marble pillars and wooden fixtures allow for intimate spaces with enough space in-between them. We had a good view across the restaurant and nearby was a coat stand which we were invited to use.

The menu is like a little booklet which is a little worn and used rather than pristinely stiff but clean. And I was quick to spot supportive allergy information. For example; in the Afternoon Tea Menu pages it mentioned “some of our biscuits and cakes are wheat free” which is exciting. These were indicated as the Apple & Poppyseed Cake and the Orange Polenta Cake, and on the Breakfast Menu pages it is noted that wheat-free toast is available alongside the Caviar Omelette (at £67!). In advance of visiting, I had researched online and found that a GLUTEN FREE Afternoon Tea could be ordered with only 24 hours notice required.

Wolseley Menu GF

As it was early evening, I opted for the Chopped Chicken Salad which I customised with the waiter. The staff were very accommodating in answering my questions when I raised my allergy information. My fellow diners had ordered some bread whilst we waited for our main meal and I was delighted that they presented me with a plate of toast. It was brought to the table a few minutes after the bread basket but I was touched the waiter had taken onboard my dietary requirements and thought about my bread despite not asking for any. As GLUTEN FREE Bread goes, it was excellent. A soft tasty slices of bread toasted evenly and hot. The bread had no cracks in it nor crumbled when eaten. And to feel included with my fellow diners eating hot fresh bread was priceless.

The Wolseley Chopped Chicken Salad GF Bread Surprise

The bowl of salad was great and filling. The chicken was soft and tasty, amongst the lettuce leaves, chicory, crunchy peas and mixed herbs with the dressing served on the side (as requested). The waiter also spoke with the Chef and advised that the dressing was GLUTEN FREE. A fellow diner had the smaller salad bowl (£9.75) whilst I opted for the large bowl (£14.75).  In hindsight, the smaller bowl was more than enough and I despite the heavenly taste, it was a very large bowl of salad which felt like I hadn’t eaten much as it didn’t seem to disappear!

A great relaxed light dinner in a beautiful restaurant with attentive staff, served with style and elegance. A Great GLUTEN FREE Dinner!


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