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Product Review: Breaded Gammon with mustard & Cheddar cheese (Gluten Free) Crumb (by M&S)

M&S Breaded Gammon GF

Found at my M&S Food Hall, Fulham. and although it isn’t explicitly stated on the front (in BIG GOLD LETTER: GLUTEN FREE) but when you review the ingredients, the crumb is GLUTEN FREE! (Largely made up from Rice flour, dried potato, salt, mustard flour and mustard seeds) and a batter (largely made up from rice flour, corn flour and potato starch). This topping really complements the gammon keeping it moist as well as adding a bite to the salty meat. The crunchy layer includes hard mustard crumbs as well as soft stuffing-like mush surrounding the beautiful gammon.

Breaded Gammon ingredients

The meat cooks at 200 Degree Centigrade for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Leave it to stand, which is hard to do but definitely helps with carving! And with plenty of slices, it can be enjoyed cold as well.

Before & After Carving

Before & After Carving

To see a full up-to-date listing of all the Gluten Free M&S products available in stores, please click on the link to open up the latest PDF:


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