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Product Review: Moroccan Style Vegetable Tangine (By Ilumi)

Ilumi Tangine

Made by Ilumi. For nutritional values and company information:

This dish is available for £2.75 and keeps out of the fridge or freezer at room temperature. It is microwaved for 2 minutes and after cutting open the dish, you need to loosen it up and mix with a fork. When you open the plastic lid it is the smell which hits you. It is a very aromatic dish which smells very exotic and spicy. Interestingly the taste is warming with a hint of chilli but not too spicy that you feels you’re drowning in heat! The texture is very interesting as the small pieces of vegetable keep their form so you can identify the carrots, tomatoes, butternut squash and onion with occasional pieces of apricot.  A wet moist dish not that there is any sauce or gravy with the Tagine.
Dog food! Ingredients

The Ilumi Kitchen is based in County Durham and have been making GLUTEN-FREE, MILK-FREE and NUT-FREE dishes for over 10 years.  They have quite a selection of ready meals which include their latest addition Northern Chinese Style Chicken and Mushrooms (£3.75) as well as sauces and soups (such as Beef Gravy and Spicy Harira Soup, both £1.75).

Part of my February Crate of Nothing delivery.
The February “Crate of Nothing” parcel contained a good selection of GLUTEN FREE and DAIRY FREE foods. They provide me with a novel way of trying new and exciting foods knowing my food allergies are catered for.

Crate of nothing Feb 2014


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