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Product Review: M&S (Made without Wheat) Soft White Baps from Marks & Spencer

M&S Gluten Free White Baps

Purchased in M&S Fulham, London.

Two white baps of a good size which were firm to hold through the cellophane bag. When you squeeze them, the bread returns to the shape which I think shows how soft the texture is.  With this packet, despite the cellophane, I did not notice one of the rolls was not of good M&S quality. It had a diamond shape indentation on the top and the underside had a strange dip in the middle. When sliced to fill, it was noticeable that the middle of the roll was missing! It tastes like a good white bread with a good solid texture and a soft but defined crust and as rolls go, this is a good rounded size.

Serving suggestion: Egg Free mayonnaise for moisture and wafer thin sliced meat (Tongue).

M&S Soft White Baps Bad Roll


9 comments on “Product Review: M&S (Made without Wheat) Soft White Baps from Marks & Spencer

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