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Product Review: Frank Honest Snacking: Strawberry and Chocolate Bar by The Frank Food Co


It looks like a regular chocolate bar: although when you feel through the wrapper, it isn’t smooth but feels a little grainy. Didn’t know what to expect although I had seen these bars before and was thoroughly disappointed. It has a strange sweet taste but the oddest of textures. I couldn’t work it out until I read the ingredients and it contains a lot of dried fruit (Dates 36.1% and Plums 13.6%) I had to see what else would give it the strange texture: Gluten Free Oatmeal (10.2%). Stranger still that the amount of Strawberry in the Strawberry and Chocolate Bar was made the smallest items on the list of ingredients: made up of Freeze Dried Natural Strawberry Powder 0.9% and  Natural Strawberry Flavour.

It didn’t appeal to me but I am sure some people love them: The official blurb on the website says: FRANK bars are a deliciously indulgent snack bar made with 100% natural ingredients such as wholegrain oats, dates & dried plums and topped with a delicious dairy free Coconut Cream chocolate. FRANK bars are gluten, nut, & dairy free and are a source of protein, with each bar containing almost 4g of protein per 35g bar. FRANK bars also contain ENERGYSMART®, which is a patented, all-natural combination of carbohydrates from select fruits (apple, grape & pear) plus specially developed natural dextrins from grain which together provide longer-lasting energy. ENERGYSMART® is a a registered trademark of Advanced Ingredients Inc. (USA)


Dried Fruit 49.7% (Dates 36.1%, Plums 13.6%),  Fruit Juice Concentrates (Concentrated Apple, Grape, Pear and Strawberry Juices,  Rice Starch), Gluten Free Oatmeal 10.2%, Fat Reduced Cocoa  Powder, Chocolate with Coconut Cream 7.4% (Cocoa Mass 47%, Coconut Blossom  Sugar, Coconut Cream, Cocoa Butter 4.3%, Ground Vanilla Pods), Pea Protein 3.61%, Pea fibre 2.71%, Freeze Dried Natural Strawberry Powder 0.9%,  Natural
Strawberry Flavour.

A benefit from subscribing to the monthly Crate of Nothing” boxes is that these items are delivered and I can try them, even if I find I didn’t like it! My March “Crate of Nothing” parcel contained a good selection of GLUTEN FREE and DAIRY FREE foods. These items are reviewed individually on my blog.  They provide me with a novel way of trying new and exciting foods knowing my food allergies are catered for at £20 per month. It is a mystery what arrives!

Crate of Nothing March Box


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