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Product Review: (Gluten Free) Date and Oat Slice by The Wheat Free Kitchen

Date & Oat Slice

Made by “The Wheat Free Kitchen” and received as part of the “Crate of Nothing” March parcel. Even though it is in a tin foil tin, it is  titled “Date & Oat Slice” despite not being a slice! The “slice” didn’t travel very well as it is loosely wrapped in cellophane but with some movement, some sugar has marked the wrapper. The handwritten date for best before does not suggest a finished product. It was very crumbly and collapsed as I tried to take it out of the foil tray. I ended up eating it with a tea spoon as it was very messy. There is a date jam mix but this is not well proportioned to the GLUTEN FREE oats and more of this contrast would be welcomed.

Looking at the website, there is no way of online purchases but there are pages which display their wide range of products and a gallery with pictures.

My March “Crate of Nothing” parcel contained a good selection of GLUTEN FREE and DAIRY FREE foods. These items are reviewed individually on my blog.  They provide me with a novel way of trying new and exciting foods knowing my food allergies are catered for at £20 per month. It is a mystery what arrives!

Crate of Nothing March Box


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