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Product Review: (Gluten Free) Safari Paws: Strawberry & Orange fruit bites by BEAR Nibbles


Made by BEAR Nibbles, this was part of my Saviour Snack Box. At first, they looked like irregular reddish/ orangeish pieces of product but on closer inspection (and probably specifically for kids) each of the individual pieces have a “marking” on them in the shape of a hoof or paw print. In terms of taste, these are like a Chinese haw sweet I used to have as a child, sweet and yummy with a little grainy texture. It is a healthy snack, made up of strawberries, orange, pears and apple and a little vegetable! I guess that is used to combine the individual fruits together!?

Hooves et al

Shouldn’t really play with your food but with the BEAR Nibbles I was curious to see if I had a full set of paws inside my bag! And I did!

Saviour Snacks send out a mystery box of goodies on a regular basis. I have opted for the fortnightly Gluten Free box at £15 with ten full size snacks included which means I get to try different foods which are not necessarily widely available at the moment. They also have an unrestricted box (Ultimate Box), Dairy Free, Vegetarian and Vegan options.  Each box comes with a detailed listing which outlines the allergy information for individual products.

Saviour Delivery 1

Saviour Snack 1 Menu Card




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