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Restaurant Review: Gluten Free Fish & Chips @Olivers Belsize Park, London

GF Fish & Chips

It is exciting that Oliver’s Fish & Chips ( have GLUTEN FREE Wednesdays in their North London Restaurant. It’s quite a “posh” fish and chip shop, looking like a trendy café in Belsize Park, London. Yes, every Wednesday is GLUTEN FREE! Where they change the oil and serve proper battered fish with crisp luscious batter which is GLUTEN FREE. Surprisingly it was quiet when I arrived with a short walk down from Belsize Park Tube Station.

There is plenty of seating in the restaurant with a downstairs lounge area as well as table at the back of the main counter on the ground floor. The menu is quite well refined for a Fish & Chip shop: no pies, steaks or other meat products, this is a fish and chip shop restaurant and they really only serve Fish: with lots of different variations and interesting sauces (Tuna Steak with Cajun spices as an example of something which isn’t battered!)


The fish was excellent! Really soft white fish encased in a crisp battered envelope and of course, it had those delicious crispy bits on the edge as well as the soft almost-melting battered edge. The chips (in the picture showing a bowl for two people and not just ME!) where excellent. Not overcooked but soft as well as crunchy and importantly not greasy. I have to say I was a little disappointed with my mushy peas as they had mashed up garden peas rather than traditional mushy peas and added some herbs and spices, so were very nice, just not expected for the meal.

Fish and chips

It seems strange that I travelled over an hour to enjoy this Fish & Chip meal but it was worth it. And I look forward to my next Belsize Park visit and more GLUTEN FREE FISH & CHIPS.



3 comments on “Restaurant Review: Gluten Free Fish & Chips @Olivers Belsize Park, London

  1. thevazfamily
    April 3, 2014

    This makes me miss London even more 😦 I LOVE fish and chips and so great they now do them gluten free!!


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