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Restaurant Review: Royal China (Fulham,London) in April 2014


From a previous post on Chinese Food (and how hard it is to select GLUTEN FREE with Chinese Food: ), I recently went to the “local” situated on the Fulham Road. It is a small restaurant which has a dining room (facing the Fulham Road) and a quieter back dining room overlooking a small courtyard garden. The staff are friendly and welcoming, and were more than happy to discuss my dietary requirements.

Unfortunately, requesting no soya sauce is probably a challenge for the Chef but reviewing the menu I selected the Duck & Prawn Rice dish wrapped in a exotic leaf. The waitress consulted with the Chef and returned saying this had been premade and therefore couldn’t be made GLUTEN FREE but a similar dish, Rice with mixed fish could be made for me. I went for this option.

The food was good and nice but as I had requested no soya sauce, I have to confess that it was a little plain: soft fluffy white rice, prawns, squid, white fish, salty fish and some vegetables (peas and onions) but it enabled me to have a GLUTEN FREE meal with friends and not to worry about the consequences. I also enjoyed some prawn crackers which I adore. (These are usually made with Tapioca flour and are therefore GLUTEN FREE! But you do have to check as some commercial Prawn Crackers can contain GLUTEN and /or have issues with cross-contamination from other products made on the same production line. And despite the name, they only contain a small amount (typically 7%) of prawns).


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