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Product Review: Gluten Free Bolognese Sauce by Asda (Free From) and Chickpea Fusilli by Deli’UGO


Bolognese Sauce purchased in  Asda, part of their Free From range in distinctive purple packaging. (Just add to cooked mince and onion and simmer, before serving).

Described on the label as “Our rich tomato sauce with a touch of garlic and a sprinkle of basil and oregano.”


Cooking on the hob

Added carrots, mushrooms, onion and minced beef to the pan before adding the cook-in-sauce. Was really surprised that you could taste the herbs in the sauce with lots of tomato flavour. Mixed really well and was thick enough for a ragu-style sauce with fresh GLUTEN FREE pasta (purchased at Wholefoods Fulham).

Fresh Chickpea Pasta!dellugo/cxeu

This Chickpea Fusilli was an interesting purchase. Never really loved chickpeas (and not into Humus at all) but give it a go as it has “GLUTEN FREE” labelled on it. Cooks in minutes and mixed with the meaty Bolognese sauce, it was delicious. The pasta keeps its shape and has a really strong texture. It is quite chewy and requires a little more work than corn-based pasta as it feels like you’re eating chickpeas with a tomato sauce rather than pasta but it was filling and healthy, and of course GLUTEN FREE.

Bowl of dinner


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