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Product Review: “Too Good to be Gluten Free” Steak & Mushroom Pie

meat pie

I do love pies (which is probably the Northerner in me) so when I saw a GLUTEN FREE fresh pie in my local Wholefood Market (in Fulham) it was in my basket.These pies are boxed and ready for the oven in silver foil pie trays. After cooking, they slip easily out of the foil cases and are lovely to look at.  I love the marketing message emblazoned cheekily on the front of the pie, reminding the eater that these are No GLUTEN! (which I have done myself when making a pie).


Its a really delicious pie with pastry which is hard and crumbly. It is soft and savoury with enough solid structure to hold a delicious wet filling. The pieces of meat were good quality beef, holding its shape in a wet moist gravy. There were also herbs and pieces of mushroom inside the pie. It is a good sized pie which was filling and of a high quality, and of course GLUTEN FREE!

Ingredients (as per the packaging):


Also available are Blueberry and Vanilla Cheesecake and Chocolate & Morella Cherry Pie, which I have reviewed on my blog.



4 comments on “Product Review: “Too Good to be Gluten Free” Steak & Mushroom Pie

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