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Product Review: Gluten Free Carrot Cake Push Up Lolly Cake By Bakes Just 4 U Bakery

Carrot Cake Push Up Lollycake

Made by “Bakes just 4 U” and received as part of the “Crate of Nothing” April parcel. It is gluten free and wheat free and made fresh, (i.e. it has a best-before date which is hand written). It is clearly a novelty item as you really don’t get much cake from the push-up. Indeed, the sponge is very soft and spongy  with a good fresh flavour. The buttercream is tasty and creamy (as you would expect) but in order to eat the cake, you push it up and the sponge kind of falls apart and the buttercream gets squeezed into a little bit of a mess. Thankfully, I ate mine at home, in the privacy of a few crumbs but a tasty GLUTEN FREE Cake. Similar to the previous Bakes just 4U lemon  Cake Lolly I have had before.

NB Contains Egg and whilst it was delivered as a fresh item as part of the “Crate of Nothing” it is noted to extend the shelf life by 3 weeks, you can store it in a fridge and if you freeze it, this can be eaten within 3 months.

My April “Crate of Nothing” parcel contained a good selection of GLUTEN FREE and DAIRY FREE foods. These items are reviewed individually on my blog.  They provide me with a novel way of trying new and exciting foods knowing my food allergies are catered for at £20 per month. It is a mystery what arrives! (Other reviews from April’s box include: MULU Chocolate EggMiniMoo Chocolate and Chocolate Orange Brownie).

Crate of Nothing April 2014


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