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Product Review: Gluten Free Cakes at Fortnum & Masons (by BTempted and Incognito Bakery).

At F&M

Shopping in Fortnum & Masons is quite an experience with beautiful counters displaying exquisite produce which just looks great. It’s a step up from Waitrose or a Tesco shop but imagine my surprise when a whole counter screamed “NEW GLUTEN FREE RANGE” I had to rush over and inspect their sweet offerings. Whilst these cakes are available in other stores (B Tempted Chocolate Brownies have been spotted in WholeFood markets and Incognito Bakery have worked with “Crate of Nothing” to distribute a Lemon Drizzle Cake) to have this wide selection so prominently displayed was great.

Flourless Cake

I did treat myself to a small bag of GLUTEN FREE, WHEAT FREE and FLOUR FREE Chocolate Brownies which are really cute. A small bite sized piece of cake which is crumbly and delicious. These are a tasty treat which are in a small cellophane bag. The bag contains around eight small “bites” but as they are very chocolaty and tasty, they don’t last that long really!




3 comments on “Product Review: Gluten Free Cakes at Fortnum & Masons (by BTempted and Incognito Bakery).

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