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Product Review: Gluten Free Cheese & Pickle Ploughman’s Sandwich By M&S

M&S Ploughmans Sandwich

As I have being avoiding all dairy items, I had tried and reviewed the M&S “Made without WheatHam Sandwich but now that I am eating hard cheese, I thought I would give it a go. It is a great improvement to purchase a GLUTEN FREE sandwich which doesn’t fall apart. The bread is soft and still a little crumbly but not like it used to be! With the wet tomatoes and cucumber slices, I was worried these might soak into the bread but they didn’t. The cheese is a lovely thick slice of mature cheddar which is flavoursome and creamy alongside the onion/ chutney styled relish and the salad bits. Whilst there’s not lots of salad, the occasional bite with the crunchy fresh lettuce, tomatoe and /or cucumber is refreshing.


Sandwich M&S

Ingredients (as per the packaging):


Purchased in M&S Putney and looks like a regular sandwich apart from the stand-out Green packaging emblazoned with “Made without Wheat”. This range of goods is widely available through lots of M&S stores across the UK. For more information, including a PDF file (updated regularly) which shows the stores which stock this range: click here.  And check out my review of Waitrose’s LOVE-Life FREE FROM GLUTEN Chicken Salad Sandwich on my blog.


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