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Restaurant Review: Frankie’s & Benny’s new GLUTEN FREE Menu (Wembley, London).

Menu overview of FB

In Wembley for an Arena Show and by beating the traffic, we had some time to grab dinner before the show at the new Wembley Outlet Mall. (It’s quite a small collection of discounted shops and outlets such as M&S Outlet but somewhere to wander for a little bit with plenty of restaurants. The Frankie’s & Benny’s is a large first floor restaurant with lots of rows of tables with lots of servers running around with really large trays! Certainly feels like a busy restaurant.


A quick review of the GLUTEN FREE Menu versus the regular one and I spotted very quickly that fries/ chips are not GLUTEN FREE: I can have mash or a baked potato! Additionally, there are several salads which appear on the GLUTEN FREE menu but not on the regular menu, so they have shaped options to suit food allergy sufferers.


I opted for the Boston BBQ Chicken, described on the menu:” A chicken breast topped with crispy bacon and cheese smothered in our famous BBQ sauce. Served with  coleslaw, a jacket and a side salad.” Although as above in the picture, I chose mashed potato. For £14.45 (what an odd price!?) I’m not sure this was value for money, especially considering a similar non-GLUTEN FREE dish comes with additional Onion Rings for the same price (F&B New York Chicken) but it is a tasty meal and with the BBQ sauce, the mash was delightful.

On the Frankie’s & Benny’s website, they offer further allergy information which can be found here.

Whilst the server was always very busy and running around, they are well informed about GLUTEN FREE options. It was nice to see they had some limited choices for dessert (Ice Cream Sundaes or fruit) not that I indulged.


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