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Product Review: (GLUTEN FREE) Raw Chocolate Blackout Tart by Inspiral

Raw Chocolate Tart

A strange pot of delight: full of chocolaty flavour and the strangest of textures: like a moose but not quite as very rich and indulgent. Reviewing the ingredients and it’s main ingredients is Avocado which I HATE! But strangely, I can not taste the mushy vegetable as the chocolate flavour is all there. At the bottom of the pot, there is a mix of dates, pecan nuts and walnuts which adds a new texture to the “tart”. A lovely delightful GLUTEN FREE dessert made by Inspiral with a chocolate flare purchased in Wholefoods. (As I do love my chocolate, whether in regular GLUTEN FREE BARS, GLUTEN FREE CHOCOLATE EGGS , Biscuits Cakes or tarts).

On their own website they describe the dessert as… “Our Organic, Raw Chocolate Blackout Tart is a healthy dessert, so good it should be banned! With a super smooth pecan crust – creamy and rich, this is an extravagant treat for the health conscious. This tart contains no wheatno sugarno soya even – just pure yumminess in a pot! It is rich in raw cacao and we all know how amazing this is by now right?! (You might notice that we use raw cacao in a lot of our raw food ‘wizardry’ – We think it’s purerawblack magic!)”

And I think it is chocolate magic (using avocado to make a heavenly dessert!)

Eating it


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