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Restaurant Review: Eating GLUTEN FREE at BYRON Fulham Broadway, London.


They cater for a GLUTEN FREE Meal; BYRON Burgers offer a “Skinny” Burger and the waiter informed me that any burger could be made “Skinny”. But unlike GBK, they don’t offer a GLUTEN FREE bread roll but serve it “Bun–free… with side salad“. I was a little disappointed that BYRON do not offer fries to allergy sufferers as these are cooked in the same fryers with Onion Rings so this was also off the menu for me but this is the same at other burger chain restaurants unfortunately.


I did select the BYRON burger described on the menu as “Dry cure bacon, mature Cheddar, lettuce, tomato, red onion and Byron sauce” but after ordering mine “skinny”, the waiter came back to advise that the BYRON SAUCE was not GLUTEN FREE. He had a listing of individual ingredients with allergy information for me to consult and I found the BLUE CHEESE sauce was GF. When my meal arrived, apart from missing fries or chips, it seemed I was having my burger with a lot of salad and a lot of sauce! It was tasty and cooked as requested “medium/ well” but without the bun it didn’t feel like a proper hamburger but a hearty GLUTEN FREE Meal.

BYRON interior#

The BYRON restaurant at Fulham Broadway feels like a modern bar with dark furniture (a mix of wooden furniture and dark leather sofas) and lots of seating but perhaps because of no music and the wooden floor, it does seem quite loud at times. The service was quick and I have to commend our waiter in confirming the sauce order and checking it was GLUTEN FREE. As you can see, they seem to always have special burgers available: at the time I dined, they were serving a B-REX Burger with jalapenos and currently are serving a Miami burger (6oz hamburger, crispy potatoes, spicy salami, American cheese, smoked paprika ketchup, sourdough bun. Served with chicharrones (pork scratchings) and Byron hot sauce on the side) but not GLUTEN FREE.



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