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Product Review: Thai Sweet Chilli Chickpeas by Garbonso.


A tasty and filling snack. A medium bag (65 grams) of chickpeas which are flavoured with a spicy Sweet Chilli coating. These are made by Garbonso. And definitely being chickpeas, they take some chewing (which burns more calories) and require digestion: so make you feel full for longer. Part of a range of three different flavoured Chickpea snack bags (Bombay Firecracker and Tomato, Garlic & Herb).




Chick peas 92% , Rape seed oil 3% , Rosemary Extract (deodorised) 1% Seasonings : 1% -4 % (Salt, spices, curry powder (spices, rice flour, salt, Garlic powder, natural colour : turmeric ,spice extracts), rice flour, yeast extract powder , onion powder, sugar, garlic powder, malt vinegar powder, natural cayenne pepper flavour, anti-caking agent


Received as part of my Saviour Snack box: Where for £14.95 per fortnight, I receive a box of ten full sized snacks which are GLUTEN FREE.

Saviour Snacks



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