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Product Review: (Gluten Free) FlowerPot Bread by The Honest Carrot: Is it better breed bread?


Attending the first RHS (Royal Horticultural Society’s) Secret Gardens at their Horticultural Halls, Victoria, London (£5 for non-members and free for RHS members). It was a real mix of nurseries, gardening specialists and a select “farmer’s market” food stalls. This stall by “The Honest Carrot” bakery stood out with their bright orange table cloth and large signage highlighting products suitable for allergy sufferers.

Secret Sundays

I was tempted by the beautiful loaf in a terracotta pot, when I lifted it up I could smell the beautiful oregano and (although I shouldn’t have) I did press the crust and it did feel hard but bouncy and of course, it was GLUTEN FREE. At £3.50 with the flowerpot I felt happy to support this small enterprise and enjoy a good product?

However, there is the practical side, how to get the bread out of the pot it was cooked in!


Taking slices off the top of the “loaf” was easy and these were delightful. The bread stayed together and had a really soft open texture. The smell was lovely, like fresh bread which was enhanced when toasted. It was different from my regular M&S white Boule loaf. However, the bottom of the “loaf” was stuck firmly in the flowerpot. It was impossible to remove it cleanly and easily. It was scrapped out in odd ripped slithers of bread which was fine as a snack but I couldn’t make another sandwich from the bread. Some of it was mere crumbs and therefore wasted. I wished I had opted for the “non-flowerpot” version and I assume whilst they have some loaves which are not backed in these terracotta pots!?

Other products made by The Honest Carrot which are GLUTEN FREE included a Brie & Mushroom Pudding. Leek, Squash and Butter bean Pie. Crunchy Falafels. From their website, they attend many different markets across London and as far out as Banbury, Oxford & Reading.

Bread stuck

In terms of taste, it was better than a supermarket loaf: it tasted like an artisan loaf but in practical terms, I need bread that I can enjoy easily and not be challenged how to remove it from it’s container.

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3 comments on “Product Review: (Gluten Free) FlowerPot Bread by The Honest Carrot: Is it better breed bread?

  1. Fiona
    August 14, 2014

    Thanks for the review of our GF Flowerpot Bread. I’m glad you liked the taste of it. They’re normally cut out of the pot, even when you buy it with pot, so I’m sorry this wasn’t the case with you. We’re back @RHS #secretgardensunday next month if you’d like to try again. Or maybe try some of Gluten Free roasts instead. The Honest Carrot xx


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