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Product Review: Gojiberry & Orange (Dairy Free & Gluten Free) Raw Chocolate Bar

With my allergies, I should be avoiding all milk products (because of the Lactose) not that I am that strict but this is a DAIRY FREE and GLUTEN FREE chocolate which is lovely. This 22 gram bar is smooth, creamy and rich with cacao (72%). Made by The Raw Chocolate Company, it tastes like a regular chocolate bar although it must be healthier as it contains goji berry powder which adds a depth of fruitiness to the chocolate bar. With the citrus orange flavour in the chocolate, it tasted like Terry’s Chocolate Orange!

On their website, the go on to explain a little about the producers of this delightful chocolate bar; “Our Raw Chocolate bars are delicious and exceedingly nutritious. We only use natural ingredients and pour as much love into each bar as possible. They are all lovingly hand made just outside Brighton in small batches. You probably know that chocolate can be full of amazing polyphenols, nutrients and minerals. Conventional production methods destroy most of these so we have set out to retain as many as possible through our unique low temperature production method. This preserves as many of the nutrients as possible, which we have enhanced even further by adding some really super supreme ingredients! All our products are sourced from small farming operations. Where possible we source Organic and Fairtrade.”

But there is no surprise that I loved this small bar: I love chocolate… whether in regular GLUTEN FREE BARS, GLUTEN FREE CHOCOLATE EGGS , Biscuits Cakes or tarts).

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