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Product Review: (Gluten Free & Wheat Free) Milk Chocolate Nobbles by DS


If you’re following my food reviews, you will have noticed I recently reviewed Milk Chocolate Fingers Biscuits and loved them. I had high expectations of these Milk Chocolate Nobbles, made by DS but they did disappoint.

Chocolate Side

Chocolate Side

Biscuit side.

Biscuit side.

The chocolate coating on the biscuits is too thin: you get a light taste of chocolate but it really isn’t a thick enough layer. The biscuit is quite a sharp biscuit which tastes really grainy and bity. They look like a regular biscuit but you can taste the coconut crunch and for someone who doesn’t really like coconut, it is unsurprising that I won’t be buying these again.

Which is such as shame as I love chocolate… whether in regular GLUTEN FREE BARS, GLUTEN FREE CHOCOLATE EGGS , Biscuits Cakes or tarts).

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2 comments on “Product Review: (Gluten Free & Wheat Free) Milk Chocolate Nobbles by DS

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  2. Jerry River
    September 2, 2014

    This article is really good to read. Excellent!!
    Many thanks for sharing, I would like to post it on my Tumblr to share with my families?


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