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Product Review: Pineapple Crunch by Snapz


Made by Snapz, this bright orange bag which feels like it could be a small bag of broken crisps is a little bit surprising. Then small pieces of dehydrated pineapple are quite hard and rough. As Snapz say on their website: “Since Snapz’ products are gently dehydrated at a low temperature using innovative technology, almost all of the natural goodness of the raw ingredients – and specifically the vitamins – is preserved”.

Snapz Pineapple

Snapz Pineapple

Maybe because they are small little pieces of dried fruit, but it after eating them, I still felt hungry. Indeed, part of the satisfaction from eating fresh fruit is the mechanical eating and physical effort of breaking through the skin  and devouring the flesh. As this is a dehydrated product, you still get the juiciness of the pineapple but not the same joy from eating it. I would like a larger portion as this small bag of 46 Oz is probably too small but useful as a GLUTEN FREE snack.

Nutritional Information (as per the packaging):

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Other products by Snapz Crisps include Tomato Crunch, Apple & Cinnamon Crisps, Grilled Zucchini Crunch.

Similar products which I have reviewed on my blog include:

Apple Crisps by Clearly Scrumptious

Apple Crisps by Clearly Scrumptious

Peas & Sweetcorn by Nothing But

Peas & Sweetcorn by Nothing But

Received as part of my Saviour Snack Boxes.

Saviour Box again

Saviour Box again


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