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Allergy & Free From Food Show Reviews (Part 1): Sweet Treats & Bakery items…

Allergy Show

Great to see so many suppliers under one roof at London’s Olympia Centre. Definitely a great place to try and taste different products from small producers to International retails. Part 2 covers Chocolatiers, Supermarkets and other GF Meal Providers.

For a full listing of exhibitors, please see the official website but here is a selection that I met today:

Perk!ER  If you arrive at the show and tell them “Perk up my day with your PERK!ER snacks I’ll keep them safe from snafflers” and your one of the first three people of  the day, they’ll reward you with a very perky goodie bag.


And met with Anne PERKINS and Steve Turner. They were in good spirits and offering a good selection of cakes and biscuits for tasting. They also had recipe cards for Flake cakes, Flapjacks, Bircher Muesli, and Fruit Crumble.


A major sponsor of the event, with Strawberry Breakfast Pastries included in the goodie bag (if you’re there early!). A selection of bread products and biscuits available to try.


They were offering a great selection of bakery items for tasting. I tried one of their crumpets which by my cooking was under-grilled but still very tasty.

They were selling many of their products including having a special offer on their frozen beef pies and frozen chicken pies.  They also had a stockist listing and recipe for French Toast with berries.


Food tasting their chocolate chip muffin mix which was lovely and soft. Really tasty mix. The owners of UGG FOODS were really friendly and I had a great discussion on Xylitol and the benefits of Chia seeds. I have a Bread mix from UGG which I have yet to try but will do soon!

Newburn Bakehouse:

A large stand with plenty of bread for tasting and trying. And a competition to win a hamper of goodies. I have reviewed and made my own garlic bread with their wraps before.


Showing off their new GF Bagels (which I must try soon!)  with a 50p voucher available on the stand. They are distributing recipe cards for Chicken Quesadillas which links with their new product of Be Wheat & Gluten Free Fajitas Kits.


I have tried their Apple bar  and Lemon Rasins before and used this opportunity to try a few other flavours. These are fruity and flavoursome bites. Next door was the TREK bars, which I didn’t realise were the same company!

TREK Bars:

More oats in these than the fruity NAKD bars but still very delicious. I tried the Banana Loaf bar and found that had good flavour. They were distributing a 20% off voucher if you ordered directly with them using the code “SHOW14”.


Tasting their crispbreads which are really crunchy and filling.

These are hand made in Derbyshire.

Elena’s GF Way:

Showing off a selection of imported Italian GF items included some excellent chocolaty biscuits and a new sponge finger biscuits pack (suitable for a tiramisu).

They also advised that their products were available in Partridges (Sloane Square, London) and they supply the gf pasta at Zizzi restaurants!



Tasted their Genoe cake which was an award winning cake. It is lovely and soft, very fruity and one that needs a cup of tea! With the cake made in Wales.

Ten Acres:

Based and made in Manchester and largely available in Deli stores: Gf crisps, with several flavours for tasting.



Bob’s Red Mill:

Great to see Bob himself on the stand. They were giving away his biography which Bob was signing and personalising as well as extensive tasting of cake mixes and the various flours available.

Venice Bakery:

Showing off their award winning pizza bases with pizza slices ready to eat, and a shopping offer on their bases.


On show were their extensive selection of frozen meals as well as a stockist guide and tasting GF bread (small slices with either strawberry jam or a marmalade). In addition, they offered me a jam tart made from their short crust pastry. It was delicious!



Good to see the market leader of Scandinavia here in London: (I found out for me that the nearest stockist is Totally Swedish in Barnes) and the cinnamon buns were delightful. Really good flavour with a soft doughy biscuit.

London Dessert Collection:

These beautiful looking desserts were not being tasted but looked very pretty. These are available in Fortnum & Masons and soon to be appearing in Harvey Nics

Foccacia Per Tutti:

Award winning bread which I have reviewed on my blog before.

Made in Loughborough by Baker Anni Reid (who was at the show), this is an excellent bread products which deservedly won an award!

Bakestone Bakery

Showing off Gluten Free Welsh Cakes which were on display and available for tasting. This were really light and on sale for £2 per pack (of 4). They last for 28 days and whilst largely supplying locals,  they are looking to expand with their small taste of Wales. Met the Baker and his wife!


Tasted their mint sweets as well as their children’s sweets (all made with Xylitol a natural sweetener from beech trees).


Showing off GF biscuits and regular oat biscuits. After talking with the staff, I tried a new flavour of biscuit (GINGER) which was very good. For my personal taste, I found it too gingery but I bet we see this out on shelves soon!


Still to come: Meat, pastry and meal supplier reviews at the Allergy Show as well as a specific posting on the Chocolate suppliers at the Allergy Show.

My take-home goodies: excluding all the tastings I had enjoyed at the show. Part 2 covers Chocolatiers, Supermarkets and other GF Meal Providers.

The show is on today, Saturday 5th July 2014 and tomorrow, Sunday 6th July 2014. For a free ticket, see my previous post.


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