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Allergy & Free From Food Show Reviews (Part 2): Chocolatiers, Supermarkets & Meal Providers…

This is part two of my review of the Allergy & Free From Food Show held at London’s Olympia. Part one covered Sweet Treats and Bakery items. For a full listing of exhibitors, please see the official website but here is a selection that I met:


I love my chocolate  whether in regular GLUTEN FREE BARS, GLUTEN FREE CHOCOLATE EGGS , Biscuits Cakes or tarts so seeing new suppliers at the Allergy Show was exciting:

Conscious Chocolate:

Tried and tested their chocolates including Cherry, Chilli, Orange and Mint choices. These are Dairy Free, Gluten Free and Soya Free!

Pana Chocolates:

These have been brought in from Australia (Melbourne) and the friendly staff were keen for customers to try all of their range. These were very smooth and moorish and are available in Plant Organic Stores (around 30 locations) in the UK.


I have enjoyed their egg-free mayonnaise before and was excited to see they have new chocolate spreads which are dairy free!

A review of the Chocolate Spread (Dairy Free) will feature on my blog soon.


Such a shame that M&S were not at the show with their extensive “Made without Wheat” range. I was disappointed not to see them there but the main high-street stores were there:


Lots of sweet products and some savoury dishes to try and taste. They were chatting with visitors and discussing how their range is expanding.


They were running the Demonstration Kitchen with a large presence and regular cooking “shows” to enjoy.


Who were tasting their cooking sauces including a new Tikka curry sauce.

Downloaded 04 07 14 046


Clive’s Pies:

I love my pies and so was excited to see a new provider. Clive’s Pies are made in Devon and the ones on display had lots of filling! They also had the opportunity to try a pastry biscuit topped with a filling (from the pie selection). A really great way to try the products.

Too Good To be GLUTEN FREE:

I love this range of products from savoury pies to sweet desserts. I wont miss their frittata but excited that they will be launching new quiches soon (July 2014). And great that they are expanding their range: the meat pies will be available as smaller buffet pies (Xmas 2014).


Excited to meet Kirsty who set up the company and makes ready-meals that are Gluten Free and Dairy Free.

These I have spotted in my local Waitrose and they are available in Asda and Sainsburys.


You cant beat a good sausage and these from Northern Ireland, we’re very delicious. I have to say I am wary about eating regular sausages now that I understand the levels of rusk, biscuit and filler they add but these are GLUTEN FREE and lovely. Son of Mr Doherty, a Doherty was offering these to visitors and are available in restuarants and shops in NI and through Asda and Ocodo.

Vegusto Dairy Free Cheeses:

Have to confess, this was not a highlight for me at the show. I tried one of the dairy free cheeses (Golden) and found it to be rather waxy and mushy in texture. It didn’t taste of cheese and whilst I avoid milk (due to a lactose intolerance) I do now eat hard cheeses and this didn’t taste like one.

But they must be doing something right as they did win an award for their cheese so someone must love them!

My previous post covered Sweet Treats and Bakery items.

So a good selection of foods to taste and sample, products to buy (with some show special deals) and Gluten Free personalities to met!

It’s on until Sunday (06/07/14) at London’s Olympia.






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