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Flying Gluten Free: British Airways Gluten Free Meals.

From a previous post on British Airways  Traveller Plus Gluten Free meal on holiday and British Airways Club World Gluten Free Meal, I had ordered the Gluten Free option again. (It still frustrates me that with several allergies, I have to decide which one is the “worst” as they do not do a combined Lactose Free and Gluten Free meal, nor one that excludes eggs as well!). This post does not cover the lounge options in London as that hasn’t changed since I flew last.


Evening Meal (GF CW)

Evening Meal (GF CW)

Onboard, I was still offered a Menu for Dinner until I asked “I ordered a special meal. Do you have it?” which prompted her to withdraw the menu and I had hoped she would review and confirm my meal was there. Fortunately, it was, so I received a special salad tray which was consistent with the Club World “regular” meal (although they get a choice on what salad accompaniment to have.

My Gluten Free roll was made by the BFREE Bakery who I recently saw at the Allergy & Free From Food Show (at Olympia). As bread rolls go, this was a nice soft mixed seeded roll and for someone with allergies, it was great that it was sealed in a plastic container so no issue of contamination.

The main course was “Fish”. I did ask the Cabin Crew for a better description so that I understood what I was eating (or intending to eat) but to no avail. The Customer Service Director came over and apologised that they didn’t have any description or better information other than it was the “Gluten Free Meal”. I challenged this, having recently watched the BBC Series “A Very British Airline” which shared that CSDs had Ipads full of customer and product knowledge and my suggestion about having this information for passengers was listened to. The fish was probably cod with two new potatoes, wilted spinach and some wet sauce. It lacked flavour and taste, without any salt or pepper, I think I would have struggled to eat  it as whilst it was a hot meal, it wasn’t the most tasty. Unfortunately, maybe I have been unlucky as the last Gluten Free meal I ordered, (travelling in World Traveller Plus in December 2013), it was the same main course.

After dinner had been completed, it was time to lie back and watch a few films, get some sleep and enjoy the unconnected time before a hot breakfast was served, just ahead of landing in Hong Kong.

GF Breakfast on BA (CW)

Again, in Club World, British Airways serve you a tray with fruit, yogurt and bread before offering a smoothie or juice. The bread roll was a brown seeded roll (made by BFREE). Then the hot breakfast is served.

Given it was a breakfast meal, I was relieved that it didn’t contain eggs (as I do not eat the yolks!). It was a simple hot dish of bacon, button mushrooms, more wilted spinach and half a cooked tomato. It was a good light meal to have given that all I had been doing was sleeping since I had eaten last!

On other blog posts, I have reviewed the Gluten Free options from DragonAir, Thai Airlines & Cathay Pacific but returned back to London on British Airways:


GF Dinner on BA (CW)

The tray was delivered by the Cabin Crew and I wasn’t sure I would be getting a main course as the tray filled with salad as well a large piece of poached salmon.

It was a good salad presented with Gluten Free bread wrapped in cellophane and as GF bread goes, this I was able to slice and enjoy with the spread, although it did crumble a little.

My last slice of bread was a little broken and crumbly but still delicious.

The main course was “something” with white rice, two carrots and a handful of mange tout beans. Until I broke into it, I wasn’t sure whether it was chicken or fish but it turned out to be a plain white fish with the tomato sauce.

For dessert, the Cabin Crew were very keen to please me and offered me the plate of fruit (which was the designated GF option) but also offered me a plate of cheese (without the oat crackers: a strong mature cheddar and a piece of stilton) suggesting that I might be tired of having just fruit. I have to say that was most thoughtful as it is such an easy option to serve just plain fruit whilst there are plenty of good GF options for a pudding /dessert. I thoroughly enjoyed my two dessert plates:

After dinner, it was again time to relax and sleep for the overnight flight back to London. A hot breakfast was served an hour before we landed (flying over Europe).

Again, the first part of the meal is fruit (very cold slices of melon, pinapple and a chunk of kiwi) and the bread, offered a smoothie or juice, before the “main course” is delivered and my worst fears were met. The hot GF breakfast included eggs:

GF BA Breakfast (CW)

I didn’t know whether this scrambled egg mix was “real” eggs or indeed “powdered” eggs containing yolk (which I am allergic to) so I didn’t eat any of this main course hot breakfast. But travelling Club World, at London Heathrow (after passports and luggage collection) we went to the Arrivals Lounge were hot showers and breakfast is available.

From a previous posting, the Arrivals lounge does provide good signage to the food allergies the served may contain and despite the loveliness of the sausages, I enjoyed my plate of Bacon & Beans ala British Airways. A much better and hearty breakfast compared to the onboard offering.

The “Hot” breakfast onboard and on the ground in the BA Arrivals Lounge.

British Airways offer GF meals which are tasty and filling, if a little dull and “safe” in terms of taste but flying at thirty-thousand feet, you want a uncontaminated meal which does not contain any allergies!

Other GF meals on other Airlines include:

GF on Thai Airlines

GF on Thai Airlines

GF on Cathay Pacific

GF on Dragon Air


14 comments on “Flying Gluten Free: British Airways Gluten Free Meals.

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  4. Mark
    April 10, 2015

    I wasnt so lucky last month with @British_Airways, where I was given cous cous and cake.
    Upon comment to the stewardess I was told “I cant help that, Ive got 350 passengers to serve”.
    BA customer service thanked me for notifying them so they can improve the service.

    Ive switched to Virgin – the service is much better and the cost is normally the same as a BA flight. #BAFail.


  5. Ian
    July 19, 2015

    Hi there, just want to say thanks – I’ve been looking everywhere for a CX review on their GF meal(s) and now I’ve read yours, I know what to expect (or hope to expect …). That, plus I’m flying back to SYD on a combo of BA and CX means you’ve covered my trip in its entirety. So, thanks. Great to read.


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