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Flying Gluten Free: Dragon Air Gluten Free Meal

Flying from Hong Kong to Phuket on Dragon Air, I had requested a Gluten Free Meal in the Business Class. I was relieved very early on, when distributing glasses of champagne, juice or a Dragon Air cocktail that the Customer Service Director confirmed that I had requested a Gluten Free meal and they had it ready for me. It didn’t make me feel special but relaxed me that it was onboard.

The first tray was presented with my fruit starter. It was beautiful with delicate sliced fruits and my special GF bread.

Unfortunately, this GF bread was very crumbly once I had released it from the cellophane and I noted that it was sealed in the bag but open-ended which was a little concerning. It was tasty if difficult to eat.

The main course was served individually and I was presented with my hot dish:

Until I ate it I wasn’t sure what it was but the chicken was delicious with the pineapple sweet sauce. The brown rice was plain as were the carrots and the wilted spinach and I missed having some salt and pepper to add some flavour to the dish. However, the wet pineapple sauce was good and plentiful to mix up with the rice and chicken so I enjoyed the Dragon Air meal.

Thank you Dragon Air

Thank you Dragon Air


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