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Flying Gluten Free: Thai Airlines Gluten Free Meal

Flying from Phuket International Airport up to Bangkok (which is a short 1 hour 20 minute hop), in Business Class I had pre-ordered my Gluten Free Meal. At the small Thai Airlines lounge at the Phuket Airport, they didn’t have any GF options (such as crisps or GF biscuits like BA but they did offer yogurts and there were placed inside the airport to purchase small snack items).

For the mid-morning flight up to the Capital City, I wasn’t sure what food meal I would receive as when we boarded they had announced they would be serving a “snack”. My Tray on Thai Airlines arrived and I was delighted to have a small portion of fruit (beautifully carved papaya and pineapple) along with a piece of beautiful cold chicken and a pickled salad. I really enjoyed the chicken was sliced in pieces and flavoursome although once I had removed the thick skin, the chicken was even more tasty. It was cut like Chinese Peking Duck  and had a slightly salty taste. The surprising pickled carrots and salad bits really went well with this simple “snack”. A GLUTEN FREE “Snack” that I really enjoyed on Thai Airlines.

Thank You Thai Airlines

Thank You Thai Airlines

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