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Restaurant Review: Carluccio’s (Gluten Free) Dinner @Brunswick Centre

Of course, Carluccio’s have their own GLUTEN FREE Menu which makes life so much easier when deciding what to eat.

My GF Menu

My GF Menu

A great selection, indeed, some dishes have been adapted or changed to suit the allergy on the Carluccio’s Glutenfree Menu so I tried the Trio of Bruschetta as my starter. Described on the menu as Brushettine “Three mini bruschetta on toaster gluten free bread: tomatoes and peppers, goat’s cheese and onion jam and chicken liver pate. Perfect for sharing“. I didn’t share mine as each was !

Gluten Free Bruschetta Starter. A lovely trio of treats.

Gluten Free Bruschetta Starter. A lovely trio of treats.

My main course was the Gluten Free Pasta: Funghi: “A mix of shiitake, oyster, porcini and button mushrooms.”

Delicious Gluten Free (corn) pasta with fungi.

Delicious Gluten Free (corn) pasta with funghi.

Close up of Main Course GLUTEN FREE Pasta.

Close up of Main Course GLUTEN FREE Pasta.

The main course was a large bowl full which after a while became a little dull. The corn pasta can be quite chewy and doesn’t break away like regular pasta. In the Brunswick centre, the restaurant has a large seating area as well as shop space. It is a large relaxed space with some small gaps between the tables and no background music.


The Gluten Free Menu:

Carluccios Glutenfree Menu


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