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Product Review: Make My Magnum Experience @Selfridges (LONDON)

As I found out recently, Magnum Ice Creams are GLUTEN FREE so it was timely to enjoy the Magnum Experience located at Selfridges, London to celebrate their 25th Anniversary.

Make your Very Own MAGNUM

You cant miss Magnum on the Ground Floor of Selfridges!

Big Magnums in the window!

Large Magnum in another Window.

Allergen information clearly displayed when you’re at the Till Point, paying for your Magnum Experience.

The Toppings bar with a selection that allows for 200.000 combinations of Magnum. (Allergen information and individual ingredients are on the reverse of the cards whilst the staff are well informed of all the allergen information and can help you make a GLUTEN FREE Selection).

So after choosing your toppings (up to 3), you select your Magnum bar (either Chocolate or Vanilla) and then have it dipped in chocolate (a choice of Dark, White or Milk Chocolate).

And the toppings are mixed up in a cocktail shaker before being placed on your dipped Magnum bar. A further drizzle of chocolate (milk, dark or white) is added before the “M” is finally fixed into place.

My GLUTEN FREE Magnum (with Cinnamon Sugar, Rose Petals and Mint Crunch) dipped in Dark Chocolate and drizzled with Dark Chocolate.

I loved my Magnum bar, although it was a significant Sugar overload with the double coating of chocolate (one milk chocolate layer and one dark chocolate layer) and all the added bits! Definitely an indulgent way to enjoy Chocolate and Ice Cream! Available until 30th August 2014 at Selfridges in London.


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