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Restaurant Review: Dobbies Garden Centre @Southport, Merseyside.

Looking for a sweet treat at the Dobbies Garden Centre and was pleased to see some Gluten Free treats.

I opted for the Chocolate Gluten Free Cup Cake which was in the cake counter on the top shelf and contained in individual sealed plastic cups. The sponge was very soft and light with a vanilla flavour whilst the topping was a sweet buttercream chocolaty soft delight which required a fork to enjoy.

On offer they also had a Snickers tart but this was open on the top shelf of the cake cabinet but looked very tempting. Next to this were two very small “homemade G-Free Scones”. I overheard someone else ask whether they would be cheaper if they were that small but the staff replied that they didn’t set the prices. Such a shame that their supplier produces such small scones. (At least cross contamination has been reduced with the tight cellophane wrapper.

A good stop off although I know the different Dobbies restaurants have different suppliers so I wonder what other Gluten Free sweet treats exist out there…


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