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Product Reviews: Cheese & Onion Baps, Tiger Bread and Plain Knot Rolls from Wheat Free Bakery

A great selection of fresh bread products delivered via a courier from The Wheat Free Bakery. A good selection of products which I ordered on  the internet and a couple of days later, arrived. They are well packed and smelt really fresh.

Cheese & Onion Baps:

The delight with this twin pack of bread rolls is that they feel like traditional rolls, with a soft texture and bounce in the bread. The crusty cheese topping also adds to the aromas.

Tiger Bread:

I feel like I am on the hunt for the Holy Grail as Bread seems to be such a difficult GLUTEN FREE product to perfect. I love the range of Made without Wheat M&S Breads which I eat regularly (the poppy seed Boule is my favorite as well as the Ciabatta) but I always like to try new loaves.

It may sound strange but I think I really did expect to have a deeper pattern on my Tiger Bread just because of the name but I wasn’t disappointed by the taste. It is a soft white loaf which I had to slice myself: so already it means thick slices for toast and it cut really well. After toasting, the crust darkens and is really tasty. A good loaf which makes excellent toast.


Plain White Knot rolls:


These were delicious soft rolls which again, tasted really fresh. The bread is light and airy and even with a little spread of butter, these were really tasty. Unfortunately, these are a little small and not very filling.





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