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Product Review: Mini Moos Chocolates (Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Wheat Free & Lactose Free)…

Mini Moos Chocolate Selection...

Mini Moos Chocolate Selection…

It was exciting in my local “Waitrose Local” shop, as the “Free From” shelves have moved to a new location and doubled in size. It means I also get a wider selection of products such as “everyday” chocolates (and I love my Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Ice Cream, Chocolate Tarts, Chocolate Cupcakes,  Chocolate Desserts, Chocolate Biscuits, Chocolate Muffins, anything with Chocolate!). I spotted these these new flavours of Mini Moos at 85 pence each. According to their website…

Moo Free is a world leading manufacturer of dairy free, gluten free, organic and vegan confectionery products that actually taste like milk chocolate*. To achieve this we have replaced the cows milk with rice milk to create a delicious, milk chocolate taste that doesn’t require a single cow

(And according to the website, the only “new” flavour is the Cheeky Orange one but as I hadn’t tried them before, they were all “new” to me. So apart from the bright packaging and funny graphics, how do they taste?

Cheeky Orange Mini Moos

Cheeky Orange Mini Moos

The Cheeky Orange Bar looks a little odd. The white crispy bits add a crunchy flavour to the surprisingly milky chocolate. It does have an orange flavour, a bit like Terry Chocolate Orange (which may contain wheat!) and is rather refreshing. A good GLUTEN FREE Sweet treat.

Bunnycomb Bar Mini Moos

The Bunnycomb Bar is quite different from the other bars as the “topping” of honeycomb is actually on the reverse of the bar and not the front. It has the distinct four squares of delicious milky chocolate but the honeycomb pieces are delicious and crunchy. A few rogue pieces have made it onto the front of the bar but largely this is confined to the back and these little pieces last longer than the chocolate, so you have to chew your way through this bar. (They also stick to my teeth!).

And finally…

Lily-Lu's Minty Mini Moos

Lily-Lu’s Minty Mini Moos

This is similar to the Orange Bar with crispy bits in the four-bar chocolate stick. It does have the taste of “After Eights” (which are Gluten Free) if somewhat creamier and tastier (and of course without any dairy or gluten!). This was probably my favourite of the three “new” bars as it was refreshing and delightful. Another great GLUTEN FREE Sweet treat.



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