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Restaurant Review: Gluten Free Mexican @Jalisco in Brixton Village, London.

On the outside edge of Brixton Indoor Market (just off Coldharbour Lane), Jalisco is one of many eateries offering food to hungry visitors. The Mexican themed restaurant has both an inside seating area as well as an outside seating area which I would imagine, during the evenings, is rather busy. During a weekday afternoon, it was quiet.

Extensive Menu of Mexican options.

Extensive Menu of Mexican options.

Our waiter was well informed of my options, given my GLUTEN FREE desires and either I have Corn Tortillas (tacos) with a choice of various fillings:

  • Picado: ground beef cooked with onions, tomatoes, peppers herbs and spices.
  • Pollo Tinga: chicken in a chipotle with onion and tomatoes
  • Cerdo: Pulled pork cooked with tomatillos and garlic
  • Frijoles mexicanos: typical Mexican beans (pinto) and kidney beans cooked with peppers, onions, herbs, spices, chilli and chocolate.
  • Champinones: Mushrooms cooked with onion, tomatoes, garlic and spices.
  • Chorizo: spanish spicy chorizo
  • Filete de Tilapia: pan fried tilapia fillet.

And a choice of spiciness:

  • F**** Off Hot
  • Extra Hot: Loads of jalapenos, habaneros and spinarachas.
  • Hot: Bring on the jalapenos
  • Spicy: litttle habanero (house favourite)
  • Regular: Tomnatillo & chipotle
  • Mild: good for whimps
  • Dead
GLUTEN FREE Corn Tacos with Pollo Tinga.

GLUTEN FREE Corn Tacos with Pollo Tinga.

I have to confess I selected my Corn tacos to be filled with the Pollo Tinga and in terms of spiciness: Dead, which still came with some heat. But it was mild enough to enjoy the tasty chicken and fresh salsa dressing. There probably was too much Guacamole for my liking but I loved the fresh corn tacos and the rich filling as a lunchtime snack. A great GLUTEN FREE Lunch with a Mexican flair. (And those who want the “heat”, there are plenty of options for hotter mouths!).



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