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Yule enjoy a GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE, EGG FREE, WHEAT FREE Chocolate and Non- Chocolate Advent Calendars…(Day 1 openings…)

Here is my small selection of GLUTEN FREE options when it comes to Christmas Advent Calendars…

I have excluded those which are made with GLUTEN CONTAINING INGREDIENTS and those which advise a warning “MAY CONTAIN..” as these are not suitable for food allergy sufferers.


A “dairy free advent calendars will make a real treat for children of any age with or without milk allergies, dairy intolerances or who are vegan this Christmas. Each dairy free advent calendar is filled with 120g of our quality, organic, dairy free rice milk chocolate.” Looking forward to opening the Moo Free calendar. Spotted on the High Street and in some supermarkets.

Moo Free Advent Calendar.

Moo Free Ingredients


Montezuma Advent Calendar

A selection of Dark Chocolates for the Advent time by Montezuma at £9.99.

Advises: “May contain Nut and Dairy Traces – Vegan – Made in a factory where peanuts & sesame seeds are used. Organically Grown

Ingredients on the solid box of Montezuma’s Advent Calendar.

Sainsbury’s Free From Advent Calendar ( GLUTEN FREE, WHEAT FREE, DAIRY FREE)

Sainsburys Free From Advent Calendar

and  Choices Advent Calendar (DAIRY FREE, GLUTEN FREE, WHEAT FREE, EGG FREE) …

Choices Advent Calendar

Good the Supermarkets do their own versions which are quite small at 72 grams but festive enough. Only when they are sitting on the same shelf do I notice the same size, and the same door positions and the same numbers on all the doors. They just have different printed covers: but are the same Advent calendar with a rice flour chocolate which will match upon opening on 1st December.

Sainsburys Free From Advent Calendar.

Sainsburys Free From Ingredients

The Choices Advent Calendar.

Ingredients for Choices Advent Calendar.


Tesco Free From Advent Calendar

And after several shop visits, I finally found the Tesco Free From Advent Calendar. It is the same size as the Sainsburys and Choices calendar although the numbering and position of windows is different!

Tesco Free From Advent Calendar

Tesco Free From Advent Calendar


Holland and Barrett Advent Calendar

Holland and Barrett

Looking forward to another “delicious blend of cocoa solids, sugar and rice powder” for £3.99 in stores and online. A Good size calendar (A4).

Holland and Barretts; own Advent Calendar: GLUTEN FREE AND DAIRY FREE.


Yankee Candle

With a beautiful christmas fragranced tea-lights for the Advent season. Sold for £21.99. The flavours includes Snowflake Cookie, Icicles, Angel’s Wings, Cranberry Ice, Christmas Cookie and Christmas Garland.

Definitely GLUTEN FREE Candle Advent by Yankee Candle.

The different flavours of Christmas.


Jelly Belly Jelly Bean Advent Calendar

Jelly Beans are largely made from corn syrup, sugar, flavouring and colouring and are GLUTEN FREE, so twenty four bags of jelly beans will be fun as of 1st December.

Jelly Belly GLUTEN FREE Jelly Bean Advent.

24 bags of joy


English Tea Company

Boxes of Tea.

Ingredients of Tea.

Another GLUTEN FREE, EGG FREE, DAIRY FREE, WHEAT FREE selection for Advent with a different tea for every day of the season. All individual ingredients are listed for each of the teas which is useful and reassuring.


Haribo Advent Calendar Day 1

A great sweet treat with bags of delightful HARIBO gum products every day for the Advent Season. This will be different for most days so an exciting treat staring on 1st December.

My Haribo Advent

Ingredients and pictures of the contents!


  • Alphabet Letters
  • Apples (available in bulk)
  • Centipedes (available in bulk)
  • Dinosaurs
  • Fizzy Cola
  • Frogs
  • Fruit Salad
  • Fruity-Fruitti
  • Ginger-Lemon
  • Gold Bears
  • Grapefruit (available in bulk)
  • Happy Cola
  • Happy Hoppers
  • Mini Rainbow Frogs
  • Peaches
  • Pink Grapefruit (available in bulk)
  • Raspberries
  • Rattle Snakes
  • Sour Cherries (available in bulk)
  • Strawberries (available in bulk)
  • Strawberries & Cream
  • Smurfs
  • Techno Bears (available in bulk)
  • TropiFrutti
  • Twin Cherries

Not Gluten Free

  • Fruity Pasta
  • Juicy Gold Bears
  • Licorice Wheels
  • Sour S’ghetti
  • Strawberry Wheels

According to HARIBO themselves and other blogs so looking forward to trying a different bag from 1st December 2014…


Dylans Advent Chocolate Calendar.

And imported from the USA, Dylans Candy Store is a famous sweet shop in Manhattan, NYC, just around the corner from Bloomingdales. It is a mecca of delight and  they have several Advent Calendars for this festive season. This one is a filled chocolate piece (wrapped in foil) everyday and has made the flying journey across the Atlantic…

Dylans Candy Bar Advent Calendar

Ingredients to Dylans Candy Bar Advent Calendar.

This has little chocolates everyday for the festive season with a warning that it is “processed on equipment which also processes peanuts and tree nuts”.

Other Free From Advent Calendars are available. Please always read the label and check yourself.

Remember you can sign up (at the bottom of this post) so you get to see my Christmas Advent Day 1 Reveal and other reviews (like on Chocolate Bars, Ice Creams, Halloween Sweet Treats)…. Mince Pies coming soon to my blog.



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