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Tasting GLUTEN FREE at the BBC Good Food Show London…

The BBC Good Food Show in London at London Olympia took place from Friday 14th November 2015- Sunday 16th November with over 280 Exhibitors offering a array of food and drinks as well as plenty of entertainment. This blog post covers all the GLUTEN FREE foods that I found (and tasted) including a selection of GLUTEN FREE Chocolates (which I loved, as I love my GLUTEN FREE Chocolates, whether it be Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Ice Cream, Chocolate Tarts, Chocolate Cupcakes,  Chocolate Desserts,Chocolate Biscuits,Chocolate Muffins, anything with Chocolate!).


Flavoured KOKO “milks” which are GLUTEN FREE.

Made by KoKo: these refreshing drinks taste like a milk shake: available in Strawberry, regular and Chocolate. KOKO appeared at the Free From and Allergy Fair in Liverpool recently.


GLUTEN FREE Chocopassion

ChocoPassion: we’re also seen previously at the Free From and Allergy Show in Liverpool. These beautiful creations are “different” presents and gifts for individuals. Nothing on offer for tasting!


A sugar-free GLUTEN FREE square drink using fruit juice.

STUR: A newly launched squash or “all natural water enhancer” as they said. I tried the Orange Mango which was light and fruity. They stated that there were 30 squirts in each little bottle.

The Cheese Awards & The Win Awards were also happening at the show. As it was Day 1, they were broadcasting from the show and distributing awards to winning submissions. There was a selection of Cheese providers offering tastings and upstairs on the balcony, several wineries and Vineyards had stalls set out and were offering tastings.

At the BBC Good Food Show, The Cheese Awards and the Wine Awards.


Dairy Free and GLUTEN FREE Chocolate by OhSo.

I do love these simple chocolates which are GLUTEN FREE and NO ADDED DAIRY. OhSo had several flavours for tasting including Lemon, Orange, Regular and No Added Sugar.

Cookie Crumbles:

GLUTEN FREE Brownie Mix made by Cookie Crumbles.

This “ready-made”mix was one of a selection offered my Cookie Crumbles. The Chocolate Brownie Mix is GLUTEN FREE although there was only WITH GLUTEN cakes for tasting!


Hasslacher’s Chocolate drink (GLUTEN FREE) as featured on Dragons Den earlier in the Year.

I spotted Hasslacher at the Chocolate Show earlier in the year. Thye were again offering tastings of their GLUTEN FREE Hot Chocolate from Colombia. It has a rich tasty flavour which has a good cocoa quality.

Mrs Crimbles:

Mrs Crimbles with her new Belgian Chocolate Coconut Stars (GLUTEN FREE).

Good to see Mrs Crimbles offering a wide selection of their GLUTEN FREE Snacks at the Show. They also had on sale their newly launched Belgian Chocolate Coconut Stars. These looked nice and christmasy!


Great GLUTEN FREE Sasuages by HECK.

Heck: Always good to see a GLUTEN FREE Sausage maker, as they had a flowing supply of tasty sausages to try. I especially like their very meaty Family Pork Sausage.


GLUTEN FREE and Lactose Free Ice Cream.

Lifeway: a frozen probiotic ice cream which is GLUTEN FREE and LACTOSE FREE. It had a very light refreshing taste but lack depth of flavour in comparison to other ice creams I have tasted.


Chocolate Truffles (all GLUTEN FREE).

A good selection of GLUTEN FREE Truffles made by Costello & Hellerstein. The Chocolate & Orange Truffle was my favourite taste with a runny soft centre.


More GLUTEN FREE Chocolates by Auberge Chocolat.

All the Chocolates made by Auberge Chocolat are GLUTEN FREE, and they have a smaller selection of DAIRY FREE chocolates as well. I tasted their new Christmas Plain Chocolate Bar which is handmade with cranberries, walnuts, orange peel and spice. It did taste like a sweet christmas treat. They also had a good selection of hand-made bars with added sugary treats!

The beautiful Christmas bar by Auberge Chocolat.


The Meringue Girls were in attendance with a cooking demonstration slot at the main Events Theater as well as a full stand displaying their colourful meringues…

Colourful Meringues…

Nothing for tasting but available to buy at the Show.


A selection of GLUTEN FREE Sauces including Indian and Chinese stir-in sauces where on offer. These are also WHEAT FREE and DAIRY FREE sauces.

GLUTEN FREE Nizami Sauces.

And a highlight from the show was attending a cooking demonstration with Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry.

With Paul & Mary.

They cooked Swiss Chicken, Spinach and Mushroom Bake, and Lemon and Limoncello posset but it was the banter and chat they we all enjoyed. They are a great couple.




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